Personal Information


Avery Hall



Growing up in a small town in the Berkshire’s, Avery learned some valuable lessons that he has taken to Summit. As a student athlete he learned the importance of hard work and balancing priorities. As he matriculated to Springfield College and expended his perspective, he learned to appreciate people’s differences and how to connect with them on their own level. Originally Avery wanted to become a Physician’s Assistant growing up because he enjoys helping people. While that was a passion of his, he decided he could have broader options if he attended business school. In 2019 Avery interned with Summit and graduated shortly there after and was offered a permanent seat at the table. While at Summit, Avery has held many positions and has excelled. His hard work ethic and passion for helping people has served his clients and employees well. Avery is excited to see what the future holds and he hopes someday soon that he will have a location to run on his own.