Personal Information


Bryan Picard

Bryan came to Summit Careers with 14 years of leadership and hiring experience in Fortune 500 companies, ranging from front line players to upper level management. Working in three different industries, he has developed a focus that places customer service, employee success, and strong relationships at a paramount.

Throughout his time in leadership, he has orchestrated the turnaround and success of over 50 businesses that resulted in their lasting growth and stability in multiple industries. He believes the foundations of the success of these businesses came from putting the right people into the right places and encouraging their personal growth. While working in service industries ranging from retail to healthcare, he learned the importance of pushing beyond the day to day transactions to build relationships focused on mutual success and honest, open communication.

Bryan’s greatest asset is his breadth of experience and in-depth understanding of employees of all levels. In his career he has been forced to create unique solutions for multiple clients to answer unprecedented problems. Every decision with Bryan is a question of adding value to the people involved and ensuring that the end result is greater than its parts.