Personal Information


David Picard

40 years ago Dave began in his first position in manufacturing leadership with hiring responsibility. From that time forward he has been accountable for both human resources and operations in various positions in the manufacturing sector. His tenure has afforded him the opportunity to hire employees ranging from front line to plant and general management. Throughout the years, Dave has become an expert at effectively staffing for startups, reorganizations (large and small), and multi-nation corporations. His recruitment and selection experience spans well beyond operations as he has been responsible for staffing and leading teams in accounting, supply chain, R&D, customer service, and sales.

Dave’s biggest asset to client companies is his experience on the other side of the table. In addition to his work in manufacturing, Dave has also worked in service industries where he gained insight into what organizations require for sustainable success. As a senior organizational leader, he knows how to support employees and businesses to create overall success and facilitate growth in today’s challenging environment. His belief is that a company’s value is heavily weighted in the value derived from their workforce. When working with Dave you will quickly see that he strives to create relationships that are win/win in nature so that both sides can achieve mutual success.