As a staffing firm, are your clients just companies that you help find employees for or are you their partner?

When assessing how to interact with clients, a staffing firm needs to ask two questions: 1) What are my limits with my clients? 2) How involved do I want to be with my client’s business?

If you are simply there to ensure that all your client’s staffing needs are met, that is fine. Sometimes, that is what your client wants. Here at Summit, we are full service when it comes to staffing, Human Resources, Drug Testing, Consulting and honestly, anything else they might need short of hiding a body. Our lawyers do not like us discussing that one client anymore.

However, if you are planning to become or are ready to be a full-service firm, this cannot be a top-down conversation. Your employees must know and understand that this is the kind of business they are a part of. Why? Because your client’s needs will not always be 9-5. Your employees need to understand that they are doing more than just recruitment.

For example – we had a client come to us at the end of the day because they forgot to submit an order for 6 employees that they needed by morning. We worked after-hours, into the night to fill all 6 spots by morning.

Being a client partner isn’t clocking out at 5. It’s getting the work done when it needs to be done.