Unemployed and want to impress potential employees? Utilize the downtime to learn a new skill.

As noted in a previous post [link], if asked during and interview what you’ve been doing during the shutdown, it is perfectly acceptable to tell interviewers that you have been sheltering in place with your family. However, if you have the time, here are a few websites and resources that will help show potential employers that you worked to better yourself during these trying times.


This site is what is considered a Massive Open Online Course. They offer free courses with certifications from Alison.com in just about every category: IT, Health, Business, Math and more.


Codecademy and Grasshopper both offer fun, free ways to learn to code. Both sites also offer app versions of the desktop site so that you can practice on the go.


YouTube Yogi, Adrien started her channel in 2012 and offers a large number of free yoga classes, including several beginners. I am not a little guy and I have utilized her classes and loved them.


Ever wanted to learn a new language but didn’t want to drop the money on Rosetta Stone? Duolingo is a free, online resource that offers classes in several languages. Klingon not included.


Do you suck at cooking? Then, this YouTube channel is for you! With fantastic recipes like how to make that cheap bag of ramen taste better, homemade McMuffins and even easy cocktails, this channel will help you stay in your budget while not crying into your dinner after tasting it.