The potential to recruit candidates is more than job sites, LinkedIn and emails.

Brand Awareness is the king of social media advertisement. This means that the primary return you get from utilizing ad platforms on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is more awareness to potential customers that your brand exists. You kind of need people to know you exist to sell your homemade real-hair dolls and remote scuba lessons. This is also an advantage for staffing and recruiting firms. You need people to know you exist so they can see what positions and services you have available.

Staffing firms don’t always have the right job for someone right now. Therefore, ensuring that potential applicants know they can contact you for any future jobs is essential. This opens up your pool, so when you do have jobs open, you can staff them quicker from your pool.

Utilizing the social ads platforms to their fullest potential can be a game-changer for your firm.

Facebook: They are still king. They as well have a very robust targeting system but is limited due to EEOC laws when it comes to specifying groups. You have to be savvy in how you work their system and their “interest” targeting groups. A/B Testing will be your best friend. Facebook as well has the ability to post Jobs from your business page. This can draw in a completely different demographic than a lot of other job sites - good & bad.

Instagram: They are owned by Facebook, so you use the same targeting. Just remember that their image/video dimensions are more limited due to being mobile-only.

Twitter: Twitter has been dismissed by brands lately but is starting to make a comeback. I don’t recommend putting $ behind ads on here, right now. But that might be changing.

Google Ads: If you’re not running a search or local business campaign, you’re losing business. ProTip: Don't put money behind the search term for your business name. If someone is local and searching for your business by name, they'll find you.

YouTube: Unless you’re producing high-quality videos, I would not recommend using YouTube’s ads (through Google Ads). If you are producing high-quality videos, their targeting platform is incredible.