Are you looking for Employees?

  • Do you have a big project coming up or need some flexibility in hiring? Do you need help finding that perfect candidate? Do you love the idea of knowing exactly how much your employee costs will be regardless of changes in taxes, increases in insurance, or other unknown costs? It is our honor to serve our client’s needs. Please call us today!

We know we must work harder every day to help support your toughest challenges

We understand that today’s challenges will be tomorrow's successes and that the business world is always finding new ways to make us scratch our heads. Investments in automation, every new teammate we hire, and every new process we implement is centered around our ability to provide higher quality service, with less time, and more ease to our clients. We are relentless in our pursuit to support our clients.

Your Business is Very Important to Us

In the last 3 decades we have been in business, we have learned many things. Few as important as the understanding of what true service means. When you call Summit to ask for anything, we are humbled by the opportunity to serve. As a family owned company, every interaction that occurs doesn't just speak to who we are as an organization, it speaks to who we are as a family. It doesn't matter if the person you are speaking with shares the Picard name or if they are family by choice, we will go the extra mile for you because every relationship is important to us.

You are on our mind with every conversation we have

When someone new walks through our doors, our first thought is what client will this person love working for. Our team constantly meets to discuss our service and how we can get better for each client. Simply put, you are on our mind all day, every day. We know that each client expects that we save them time, money, and headaches and the only way we can do that is by always being one step ahead of the game.

We know we need to be a seamless extension of your business

The moment we gain a new client, we do an in-depth assessment of their culture, what is important during the hiring process, and how we can help onboard employees better every day. This information is updated regularly as we know organizations change just as we all do. We also know that you have unique needs and we will do everything in our power to serve them. It is a common occurrence for us to hear, "we didn't know you can do that" from our clients. We pride ourselves in being a little bit different than everyone else.