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Your Business is Very Important to Us

In the last 3 decades we have been in business, we have learned many things. Few as important as the understanding of what true service means. When you call Summit to ask for support, you will more than likely speak directly to the person solving your staffing needs. If you need someone outside of operating hours, you can still get support from Summit. When you have a special request we have never heard before, we will do our best to fill it. We are small enough where everyone understands and values your unique needs, but stable enough that you can count on us to be here when you need us down the road.

Our People are Assets to You and to Summit Careers

We provide people that are an asset to your organization and who will want to stay with you. It makes us proud when our employees collect their checks, thank us for placing them with you, and tell us how much they enjoy your organization. We hold our clients’ needs firmly in our minds with each and every contact that we have with a potential employee. If they don’t meet your standards, we won’t waste your time trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. If they don’t meet any of our client’s needs, we give them honest feedback to help them find employment elsewhere. If you visit Summit, you will find a client profile with a list of potential employees we can put to work for you, not just in the future, but many times, that day. You are on our mind with every person who walks through our door.

We Have the Experience and Knowledge to Find You Great People

Our staff has progressive experience in operations, human resources, and recruiting to the executive level. Our clients appreciate that we understand their day to day challenges. We haven’t just heard of these challenges through third parties but we have lived them, collectively, for a combined 80 years. Our founder, Angela Bourget started in this business almost thirty years ago. Angela’s reputation is solid in the industry and the near perfect client retention over the past decade is a representation of that. The present owner of the firm, Dave Picard, has been hiring people in manufacturing at all levels in various industrial environments. He has operated in leadership up to the executive level since 1980. He knows the floor and he knows manufacturing. Summits most recent addition, Bryan Picard, has made a career helping Fortune 500 companies turn around struggling operations. Over 60 businesses have turned from operating in the red to the green because of his ability to clearly define human resource and operational challenges and provide unique solutions with immediate results. Simply put, we leverage our unique business expertise to help drive the results our clients expect.

We Know We Have to Work to Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

We understand that today’s challenges will be tomorrow’s successes and that the business world is always evolving to throw new challenges your way. As mentioned before, our unique design is focused around our clients. Our recent investment in automation, every new teammate we hire, and every new process we implement is centered around our ability to provide higher quality service, with less time, and more ease to our clients. We are relentless in our pursuit to truly partner with our clients and not just be an extension of their business.

We also understand that tough problems sometimes require tough conversations. At Summit, we know we are not perfect and we can’t be everything to everyone. We have one simple rule when doing business. Operate with integrity. You can count on us to shoot you straight and not duck the difficult discussions. We know that it is better to have a tough discussion and remain trustworthy than avoid the truth and diminish the relationship. Our clients enjoy that there are no games in our relationship, just facts and honest communication.

Industries Served
  • Light Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Professional Trades
  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Executive
  • Medical / Dental