Our Mission

The Summit Careers mission is to align your business needs with our capabilities and those of our people so we can solve the challenges facing our clients and employees. We will partner with you to create win-win situations for your organization, our employees, and Summit Careers.

Our Vision

We want to be the firm known for exceeding expectations. We want our clients to be delighted by our service and our employees to be great in their lives as a reflection of our work.

We believe strongly in creating win/win scenarios for all that we serve

Meet Our Team Members

Each of our staff has been hand picked due to their proven ability to service a wide variety of customers, both internally and externally. Our unique makeup provides us with firsthand knowledge of the challenges our clients face every day.

team member
Bryan Picard

Bryan joined the Summit in 2016 and quickly moved from a Vice President role to the President of the organization. He is passionate about creating opportunities for his team and making an impact on the communities and clients he serves.

team member
David Picard
Vice-President (retired)

David was the visionary that helped take Summit Careers from a small staffing company to the wildly successful staffing and recruiting firm that Summit is today. While Dave is retired, he still provides consulting to the Summit team on a regular basis.

team member
Alisha Brown
Contract Placement Manager

Alisha joined Summit Careers in 2018 in an HR role. She has been integral in transforming many of the processes that have driven the Summit team to elevate their service to where it is today. She currently is spearheading Summit's contract division.

team member
Avery Hall

Avery joined Summit Careers in 2019 while he attended Springfield College. During Avery's internship he excelled as he took on many different roles. Currently he is in a recruiting rule while providing managerial support.

team member
Emily DeVoie

Emily joined the Summit in 2019 and brought a unique spin to the team. She brings great energy to everything she does and she prides herself on he ability to solve complex problems while providing stellar service.

team member
Jazmin Montes

Jazmin started with Summit during the COVID pandemic of 2020. When everyone else was running for cover, she ran into the fire to help others sustain their livelihood. Jazmin is passionate about making a difference in people's lives.

team member
Katie Martin
Administrative Support Specialist

Katie joined the team during the 2020 pandemic. While she isn't sure what she wants to be some day, she knows it needs to be something big. Her passion for personal growth and accomplishment are second to none.