Do. Not. Stress. Ok, that’s not realistic. But, try to stay calm. Being fired from a job isn’t a death sentence to your career, especially during this pandemic.

If you are fired, the primary thing to remember is to not become angry during the firing process or anytime while still on company property. You do not want to burn any bridges with your company because you never know what future opportunities may arise. Next, ask your employer for a full, written account of why you were let go for your records. Then, go home and relax for the rest of the day. Get your head back straight and get ready to move forward.

When preparing your next career move after being let go, focus on getting your unemployment benefits filed first. Even if you expect to get a new job soon, make sure your unemployment is taken care of in case something happens to the new opportunity. After this, it’s time to update your resume. Make sure to go through your most recent job description and include hard numbers of achievements.

Lastly, start applying! If you are unsure where to start, speaking to a recruiter can help focus your search and provide someone in your corner. When a recruiter submits your application and resume to a company, they are telling the company that they also approve of you as a worker. This can mean a lot when working with the right staffing firm.

One more point, if asked, do not lie to potential employers about being fired. Be honest. Lying will only hurt your chances because there is a high probability of them calling your previous employers.