As an unemployed individual, seeking employment that is a good fit can be grueling. Mailing applications, applying online, phone calls, interviews, emails, the list goes on and on. At Summit Careers, we work hard to provide a solution to this problem for our new hires. Working with a staffing agency alleviates a lot of these job-search stressors. 

4 advantages of working with a staffing company

1. They bring the right opportunities to you.

While it might be easy to find any old job, finding the perfect fit can be difficult. Staffing agencies help to alleviate this. When you walk into the agency, they already have a list of opportunities, waiting for a qualified worker. As soon as the agency gets a good sense of who you are in the interview, they will know which position fits your needs the best! Knowing which employee will work best at which establishment is a unique advantage staffing agencies offer.

2. They can get you hired fast.

 It is not uncommon for staffing agencies to fill positions that start later that week, or even later that day! Many agencies work directly with companies that constantly need a high volume of workers. A strong staffing agency can get you hired quickly in a crunch.

3. They are flexible!

Not only can a staffing agency get you a job fast, but they can also help to get you the job you want! With opportunities to fill 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift positions, staffing agencies can find you work at a time that’s flexible for you, your family, and many other factors that make it hard to find work you can commit to. Working with agencies gives you options. 


4. They will bridge the gap!

Staffing Agencies often have a strong working relationship with the companies they staff. The agency’s job is to ensure your work experience goes as smoothly as possible both for you and the company they are staffing. Staffing agencies can assist in communication and problem solving between the employees and the employers. This takes the pressure off the employee and the company they work for as they are both assisted in the selection & management process.