We are all experiencing a staffing crisis. As a result, so many are forced to wear multiple hats, which means they can’t focus on what’s most important, people. Now that you have decided to use a staffing or “temp” agency, there’s a lot to consider. Here are some questions you should ask the companies you are considering partnering with.

  • What makes you different? The truth is there is no magic pool of candidates that one company can pull from. Very rarely will a candidate search for one job at one specific company, they apply to everything that is a possible fit. So how does one company stand out from another and do their values match those of your organization?
  • What are the rates? Be careful. If a company feels comfortable quoting rates without understanding the complexity of your business, that should be a red flag. Blanket rates generally mean blanket solutions. Your business is unique and you should want your partners to treat it as such. Rates should be the last part of the conversation, not the first.
  • How do they pay their recruiters? The industry standard is to commission recruiters. Many times, recruiters are also responsible for their own business development. While this is the industry standard many people find it concerning. Unfortunately, it creates conflicting goals. If a recruiter’s primary focus is on their own compensation, they are not focused on taking time to find the right employee that will eventually get hired by the client. It is far more profitable for the recruiter to put someone in a position as quickly as possible and replace them over and over.

These are not the only questions you should ask, but it’s a good start. Finding the right partner is critical for a company’s success. We all know a company’s workforce is its most valuable asset. Just as the three little pigs learned, investing in a strong foundation pays off when the winds of change start blowing.