2020 sucks. That’s the reality of it. As businesses have shut down and reduced employment and services across that country, what can we do to ensure we project safety to our employees and our customers?

This comes down to more than just following COVID-19 protective procedures. There is a PR side that is about ensuring your staff and customers also feel comfortable with your business. So, how do you accomplish this?

Be completely transparent. It’s that easy. During a pandemic, honesty is the best policy.

  1. If you have a customer-facing, brick and mortar business, you should have a clear and concise COVID addressing statement on your website – at the top. This statement should address how many customers/clients are allowed in at a time, social distancing and masking procedures. These procedures should also be posted at the door/entrance to your place of business.
  2. Those same procedures above should be clearly outlined to your non-remote employees. Many people are wary of returning to work in-person and letting them know that you are taking this seriously and have procedures in place will help keep them calm.
    1. In addition to employee and customer safety procedures, it is essential to outline what will happen if there is a positive Coronavirus case on your team.
    2. Institute a more flexible sick leave policy. This can be difficult to navigate, depending on the size of your business. You don’t want your employees to misuse the policy, but you also don’t want them to feel obligated to come into work if they’re sick.
    3. Ensure all employees have clear guidelines on how they are to interact with customers.

These are just suggestions. You know your customers and employees best and how to navigate, making them feel more comfortable.

Example Website Statement:
“Due to COVID-19 and the current state restriction, we are only allowing 10 customers at a time in the store. As well, wearing your mask and maintaining social distancing procedures is required at all times while inside. We understand that these are difficult times and that these policies may be inconvenient, but we are implementing them for your and our employee’s safety. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.”