We get it; working with a recruiter can see like the last hope for finding a job. You have also probably heard stories about some not-so-reputable staffing agencies out there hocking pyramid scheme “jobs.” The industry is not what it used to be! Recruiters are more than just job finders; they are networkers. They are industry experts. And more importantly, they are advocates.

We at Summit are all of that and more. We work hard to ensure we get to know people in all industries because we don’t want to just help find you a job; we want to help businesses find the best candidates. This means, to be a part of our Summit team, we have to know you are the best candidate for our clients and likewise, if you are a part of the team, we’ll go to bat for you. We will also be honest with you if we don’t think we have a position that fits you at this time, but we will always keep in contact in case something comes up in the future.

This is why you work with a recruiter.