Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring for your business, understanding between temp and permanent employees is essential.

Temporary (Temp) workers are those that are hired for a predetermined amount of time. These are typically contract and seasonal employees.

Pros - Temp positions allow a lot more flexibility for the employer and employee, allowing both to test each other out without a full commitment. And many times, after a trial period, temp positions can turn into full time

Cons - Training a temp worker can still be costly and time-consuming, especially if the person does not work out. While it’s not a rule, temp employees are not usually offered the company’s healthcare options. This can be difficult on the employee if they have a family.

Permanent employees are hired without a predetermined time frame. Employers: do not forget that if you have 50+ employees and hire a full-time, permanent employee, they are entitled to healthcare, according to the IRS.

Pros - A permanent position has a significant advantage for the employee – stability. Stability in a worker helps decrease their stress and therefore increases their productivity. As well, full-time employees are offered benefits.

Cons - Benefits are costly to the employer. 

As you can see, both have positives and negatives. We suggest speaking with one of our highly knowledgeable recruiters to learn what is best for you or your company.